Some US troops are gunfighting in downtown.


show dem mutha fuckas this here darkside


fucking nice job dude

nice edit, although the only thing wrong i can say about the pic is that the smoke looks a tad pasted on
good work overall

Very nice, looks hectic!


And epic!

those models are so delicious, i love the dude who made 'em.
what sucks though, is that he left out the SMG body groups.

Very nice. That apache skin looks cool.


And where did you get the apache?

The muzzle tank that is closest to the camera is super imposed, other than that it is awesome.

from MW2



Sweet posing and scale. You gotta remember that smoke, like everything else, is affected by light. Give it some shading and make it respond to the the light of the muzzleflashes with a bit of colour.


Imageshack + png = my whole life spent waiting for a picture.

Now this is the stuff I missed around here

20meg fibre optic.

Whatโ€™s that? Oh I just won. :britain:

Nice use of Gm Bigcity.