Some vehicle reskins I did for a comic

In this comic I’m working on, some refugees are constantly being terrorized by a group of thugs driving cars like these

If someone would be interested in hexing them, please let me know.

Leave any crits or comments here

The second vehicle should be all-black except for the front lights etc. and the shark decal. Right now it just looks slightly horrible.

Trabbi doesn’t look too good.


I think the trabbi looks sexy, but apparently I’m the only one. I’ll hex them for you.

If you mean horrible as in low res, that’s just my computer. the skin file makes it look a lot crisper:

If you mean horrible as in it looks kind of silly, then that’s the point. In the comic, these thugs have every stereotypical car decal you can imagine; flames, shark teeth, playboy logo, calvin peeing on whatever, etc.

Awesome, hit me up on steam or we can discuss it via PM