"some very fancy grass" Lag

Hi guys, I’m totally sad now, I have played to rust like 1+ month, very active, very cool game, 5h a day… BUT, the “very fancy grass” is lagging for me, i have like 5-10 fps now, before I had 20-30 FPS… That grass ruined my game, it’s now unplayable for me now :’(…
A solution? I use mozilla firefox, and i have the same FPS with google chrome.
Because I really want to play rust…

Thanks …

Unfortunatly no other solution than to wait for now:/ but anyways the servers are pratically always down these days so you won’t miss much


for me nothing changes… and the fancy grass is amazing

Same i was kinda bummed out that i cant play the game until i get a good gaming pc :confused:

Unfortunately, this is kind of what life is like in an active alpha, guys. Shit breaks, game sucks sometimes, but day by day it’s being worked on and improvements are on the way. Because updates are not always ready to be pushed out by the end of the day on the same day you started working on them (and often things wait weeks or months for the rest of what they need to be built), it may not seem like there’s any forward momentum, but shit breaking is a sign that new things are being added.

It’s just not always a smooth road on the way to the finished game. This is a rough patch. Hold onto your butts.

elix is right but I would argue that adding fancy cosmetic effects while the game is still struggling with major performance issues might not be the best idea.

Of course we don’t know if it really is the addition of the grass that’s impacting performance with this new update but if it is you should reconsider this addition.

Trading in performance for marginally improved graphical fidelity is not the way to go, I think.

pretty sure they want you to test it

What if adding the grass (and the accompanying huge lag increase) was the first test of a new foliage system that was going to be essential for the game because it represents a test of the underlying system for spawning items, rocks, weapon pickups, booby traps, NPCs, and mobs as well as foliage? The grass itself may merely be a convenient scenario for applying the generalized code to a test case in order to get it to work right.

I have no idea what is actually going on with the grass, but my point in posting this is to illustrate how things aren’t always as they seem, and jumping to conclusions about a change is not a wise thing to do as a tester.