Some very heavily armored sci-fi soldiers walking in a blizzard.

S8 models are truly sexy. Don’t mind the Cyberdyne logo on the shoulderpad, it’s just my WiP reskin.

C&C please. The map was dod_snow_battlefield_final.

Oh that’s badass.
I can’t wait for section 8

Snow flakes are too large, otherwise good.

Whoa, I didn’t even know S8 was out already! The models are indeed smexeh.

It’s really nice.

But the posing looks a bit stiff , probably due to my horrible ragdoll movments.

Well they are quite difficult to pose because of the bones, but they’re still nice.

That rifle on the right is huge.

There snow balls being thrown at them, so they’re going to kick the kid’s asses.

You just made the pic ten times more brutal although violence is not shown.

I don’t really like the editing (mostly the snow drift at the bottom; it seems a bit much) but the posing and models are nice.

Pretty badass, but I hope that armor’s insulated. Walking around with a hundred pounds of freezing cold metal on your body would not be fun

Nice! I dont even have to like the picture, just by posing those models you are pro! I have been posing them around and it takes time lol

But i like the picture, the sci-fi theme of this rocks :smiley:

Oh so these guys are released and not private? Link? I just checked the releases, but I couldn’t see them.


Nevermind. Just found them.

you triforced his shoulder?

Do some kickass pics with the Mechs, they are the best thing on the Section 8 Pack :stuck_out_tongue:

Best. Models. Of. Cyberdudes. Ever.

Do want.

Feeling lazy.

But still this pic is making me look for the models myself.

^That’s a compliment :stuck_out_tongue:


The soldier in the front, got a TriForce logo on his shoulder.

but they all have four sides

I’m afraid not.