Some Very Spy-ly Work Has Been Accomplished By A Spy For Methods Of Spying

what’s with the yellow hazard thingy on the floor

looks like its floating

tis both the angle and the texture itself, for some reason the minute you look at a patterned texture like that in source it goes absoloutely bonkers and flids about with the lines getting bigger and smaller the farther/closer you get

pretty awful composition. don’t centre your subjects and don’t cut them off at the frame

look at the rule of 3rds theory

What is composition? I’ve been posing for three years and you and Joazzz are the only ones to mention it to me and all you do is give vague directions to “read x”

I’m pretty sure he was referring to this:

Composition is a very important part of photography. Albeit this is virtual photography, it still applies nonetheless.

Google’s helpful.