Some videos

firstly, I don’t consider myself that great at making gmod videos, so i usually just keep all of my youtube uploads to myself.
but i figured i won’t get any better if i show nobody, so here’s two.

this one’s just something i put together when I was bored.

i just put this one together this morning, tried making something somewhat “serious” for once.

i’ll try to make more in the future i guess.

I would like to see more of the Raiden Footage. Also try doing a scenebuild to match your videos, animation is nice.


I’ll definitely keep scenebuilding in mind, since it’s something I want to practice on

your videos are way too saturated

I can probably see that for the second one
Was trying to edit the visuals so it didn’t look like ordinary Gmod graphics. I’ll try to tone it down next time.

Scenebuilding is fun as hell when you get into it :dance:

I kinda wish there were more futuristic scenebuild props though, that’d be really useful.