Some .wav files not working in Garry's Mod, which codec does work?

Before a particular patch by either Garry or on the Source engine, all sounds worked without issue. It’s been some time since then, possibly little under a year, but I’ve been having problems with certain .wav soundfiles ever since then.

So I must ask, what are the limits to what Garry’s Mod is capable of playing? Here are to .wav files if anyone wants to see what I speak of. One works in Gmod, and the other does not.

LR300.wav works fine in Gmod, and is currently used for a SWEP.

servicerifle.wav does NOT work in Gmod, and is silent when played.

I’ve ensured a broken file path is not the culprit, and sound files that have worked before no longer function. So how do I correct this? I can only conclude it is the codec or bitrate or something in the .wav its self. Given knowledge of what is wrong, I can probably fix it with a sound editing program.

The 2nd .wav file does not play since it’s a 48000 Hz sample rate
They need to be a max of 44100 Hz for Source to play them.

This seems to have resolved my issue. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Now I just need to figure out why there’s like 12 scripts for this game mode and which one actually changes the damn sounds–because that’s an unrelated problem. This solved my initial issue however of sounds just not working.