Some Way to improve Performance,HUGE FPS ISSUE

Dear Guys,

i have a pretty good PC and a friend of me aswell but we get always HUGE Lagspikes.

It happens always if we meet a Big Building’s and the FPS Issue can last for real 3 Seconds. Second it happens if someone shoot one and this is in my opinion really Gamebreaking.

So is there a way to Improve the Unity Webplayer Performance? or the Dev’s already aware of this problem?

I use already Chrome.

Greetings Pengu

Turn down your graphics on the game?
Disable anti-aliasing?
Texture-filtering on/off?

You haven’t really said if you have done any of this…?

Yea ofc, but it doesnt change anything.

I can have all HIGH or all LOW and still get the FPS breakings(dunno the word).


Are you running an AMD or NVIDIA GPU?
Does it happen in other games?

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The thing is, so many things could be causing this, it’s very unlikely that at this point in time, you could pinpoint the problem.

It could be anything from charges going off, the world/textures rendering, base parts being spawned to the fact that your driver for your graphics card may be out of date (check that).

Also, if your GPU is an AMD, recently people have been saying that with certain rigs they are experiencing random FPS drops in some games… It could be this?

Sorry to be so general but that really is all I could say to help you?

I have an I7 and Nvidia 580 GTX ofc latest Driver’s

I tought its a common issue since i saw many ppl complaining about this in chat.

and no i dont have it in other Games, maybe this will be fixed in future.


I run the game fine but every now and then the frames just drop to 0 amd I freeze up for a couple of seconds. Generally due to big ass buildings rendering.