Some weapon addons not working, please help.

Hey, I downloaded 2 weapon mods, a Medal of Honor one, and a melee weapon pack. The medal of honor has a info.txt, so it will probably go into the addons folder. When I go into the medal of honor folder in the addons folder, I see this model folder. I noticed that there isn’t any model folder in the garrys mod folder. So i didn’t mind that. I went into garrys mod, then I pressed Q. I went into Weapons, and it wasn’t there. None of the weapons.
So then I quit garrys mod, then went into the folder, then i created a models folder in the garrys mod folder.
I tried it again, and it didn’t work.
So then I wanted to try the melee weapon pack. It had no info.txt file, so I just simply placed it in the garrys mod fodler (the second one). same thing happened. It didn’t work.

Please help,

Are you sure these are Scripted weapons and just not their models?
Could you link the download?

okay, sorry, I meant Brother’s In Arms, not Medal of Honor.