Some weapon bugs?

Okay, so I just joined a battlefield server (weapon starter kit) and I noticed a couple of strange things. First off, I’m playing on a mac. So I join in and notice I can’t equip a BAR at all. I can equip any other weapon and when I try to switch to the BAR it will un-equip my previous weapon and still not equip the Bolt Action Rifle. Secondly, the mp5 without a holo sight has two bars, which I’m assuming is from the butt-stock of the weapon, that take up a large portion of my screen making it difficult to use. And last, there appears to be a reticle on my screen for the shotgun and only the shotgun. I don’t know if this is just some server plug-in or what and when I ask other people in the same server i just end up being shot before I can finish the question, lol. So I’m really not sure what’s going on here. Does anyone else have any of these problems? I also can’t change my settings or resolution because the launch parameters don’t pop up anymore and I’m not sure how to get those back. Is a possible solution reinstalling the game altogether or is there another answer? Thank you in advance for any help.

bumpity bump bump, someone please give some feedback, would appreciate it

hopefully any mac users who might’ve noticed this stuff?

Ok, now I just started on a brand new server. I can’t equip my rock or my torch. I checked the console and there is a bunch of red text that is a little too small for me to read since Rust won’t let me change my launch parameters… What the hell is going on?

I also just re-installed the game and it didn’t do anything; still bugged.

to fix your problem, first you need to get rid of the mac. then after you have purchased a proper respectable computer, install steam, download rust, open rust, enjoy

My mac runs Rust with 50-60 fps. How about instead of posting some ignorant comment on a request for help how about you just don’t post or know the facts before making assumption?

For anyone else who may have this problem I have found the solution. I was opted in for the dev beta branch in properties via steam. You must change this to opt in for nothing and update the game. This will work for mac OR pc.

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