Some weird glitches in Garry's Mod recently.

Hi, there, I’m Cereal, also known as AGSMA on the YouChew Forums. And I made an account on Facepunch to receive some solutions for some problems that I have on my games. This time, I had some major problems on Garry’s Mod.

-First, after I installed gm_mount2, to be able to play with Left 4 Dead 2 models and some mods’ models, but, somehow, most of Pirates, Vikings and Knights II models weren’t able to be edited with the Face Poser Tool;
-Once, I tried to open Alien Swarm maps, but they didn’t worked, and everytime I try to load an Alien Swarm model, the game always crashes;
-The models from The Sacrifice Update aren’t working;
-And recently, this.

I would like to receive some help for this problem that is not leting me making Gmod videos for my YouTube account.

Your garry’s mod is haunted.

On a serious note:

gm_mount2 is redundant. There is native support for L4D, L4D2 etc
There is no support for Alien Swarm materials at the moment.

Too bad that two out of three addons that I download from won’t work after they’re extracted.

I’m getting ghosts too :frowning:

But, I think garry may have fixed this and Garry’sland models with his newest patch.

I get no ghosts, but when i kill any npc with a custom swep i cannot remove their ragdoll. I have keep corpses on.

Maybe you could turn it off?

I think that only supported models can do this.

You can fix them by getting Paint NET, and re-saving the VTFs, in fact, I fixed a couple models before planning on the Portal 2 models. here is a couple:


If the addons do not work, get the models, materials, and spawnlist folders and put them in the main Garry’s Mod folder.