Some woman using her hands to sex up a skeleton

Im tired, made this. etc etc… posted it for whatever reason, enjoy the crap.

original: not that people care :v:

C&C and all that…

I like 'em both.

Goblins with Tommy Guns.
You sir, are a genius and I love you.
Seriously though, how’d you get them with Fingerpose n’ Facepose?
I thought the B_Cansin’s stuff was broken.

hehe thanks, uhm they are kinda just fixed now, I think. I haven’t downloaded anything to make them finger/face poseable, they just are :v:

That doesn’t look like a skeleton to me.

I was fooled by the NSFW for the longest time.

Where’d you get the models from then?

Dark messiah might and magic

I mean which download,
because the B_Cansin’s ones off didn’t have face or finerposing when I used 'em.

I got it from the game :v:

Used gcfscape or what it’s called to extract the models, and voila. There was a patch ages ago that made the finger poser work with certain source models. Like zeno clash and dark messiah

Ohhh, cause a long time ago i used the B_Cansin’s stuff and the fingerposing broke as well as the faceposing.
Someone walked me through recently using GCFScape so I think I can get it working right now,
Thanks man!