Some WW2 inspired photos

Cant find a name for either of them. Help me out? :stuck_out_tongue:
Also don’t judge me; I’m pretty new to this. I will keep updating.

EDIT: Added some new screenshots.

“Sherman Tank hit by AT Mine”

“U.S. Soldier cornered by Germans”

But why is a Schutzstaffel officer driving a jeep? Shouldn’t he be behind his own lines and allow a SA or Wehrmacht officer to do that? imo.

Where’d you get that explosion effect?

Well, if i will tell you i care - then i would lie. All of these soldiers are the same for me, its not that i’ve done a research about the nazi army or something, i just spawned a ragdoll and posed it. And for the name of the first pic, its kinda dumb, because you can see a nazi airplane above dropping bombs. Thanks anyways.

Aiwa ya habibi diz iz veri naic

Highly recommending this.

Can you use an alternative host? The current one is taking forever to load.


Can’t see pictures!

Oh fuck I didn’t notice the plane, sorry.

the map is ugly and the camera angles too

Zoom a bit with the camera

What the hell did you do to the second image? You blurred everything except one spot that doesn’t contain anything.

Added some new screenshots.

Nazi plane nazi jeep nazi tank

German Plane German Jeep German Tank

you cant even see anything in the third picture

And second picture, three tiger tanks for one guy? And whats wrong with the cars wheel?

the problem with that, my chile, is that your 2nd picture did not make that clear
there are no corpses behind him or signs of war torn environment to hint at it, thus drawing the conclusion that “they sent 3 tanks to get just 1 guy”

Okay, thank you for commenting.