Some WW2 Soldier just standing around with a weapon he found on the ground

the reason he found it on the ground is because if he didn’t some faggot would come here and complain about it being either a german or an american weapon.
it sucks but wutever.


PPsh :smiley:

I’m a faggot, and I’m complaining that there would be no instance in which he could find that weapon on the ground.

This is my world bitch. There is weapons on the ground.

unless the dead kraut he got it off of was in the eastern front before this makes no sense
still cool bro

Why don’t you download a good thompson model.

Cause im lazhy

What kind of a man would leave a weapon like that on the ground?

Cool pic

Lets just say this soldier is a mercenary in the eastern…
Not trying to bitch but ppsh41 would be hard to find in western front
But nice editing cool pic too though…


Come on people comment on posing and editing god damn it not the gun!

That model is incredibly ugly, and ruins the nice lighting that you have edited in (although the burning is quite excessive in places).