Some XSI mod tool help please? (yes, its model related)

i already made a thread for the same problem in the technical support section, but it seems like nobody is going to reply to it so i’m just going to copy and paste what i put on it to save time.

i’ve been working on a player model thats already been started once, the reason why i started it from scracth was because i couldn’t open the .MAX that contained the model from the original project.

i’m still working on the restarted project, i’d like to get a good look at what the last person who worked on the project’s model had been working with.

so my question is: how exactly do i open a .MAX file in Softimage Xsi mod tool? ^_^’

I would have no idea how you would convert a max file without opening it, what version of 3DS Max are you using?? Tends to be for me that it doesn’t open unless I have a newer version or errors occur.

Were you trying to use Max before to open the file? If so, what was the problem when you tried to open it?

Also, when you say Max file, do you mean .MAX or .3DS (I believe those are the formats Max uses)?

i’m not having a problem opening the files, the thing is…

don’t know how to open them ^_^’

Which version of 3ds max are you using?? Just saying as ill post some pics up to help

I use: Softimage XSI Mod Tool v6.01

its a free version of autodesks modeling programs that for purposly designed for modding, there’s a seprate addon for it that allows you to interact with Source SDK’s skeletol system. i’m still trying to learn this stuff as i go so some of my info that i’m giving may be inaccurate.

This is an image of the layout of the page when you first start the program.

First of all, what is the file extension of your file exactly?

In any case, you’ll want to look in File in the top menu. There you will see an Import option for various file formats. There may also be a Crosswalk option, which has a few more import options (namely, .FBX and Collada files). I’m not sure if XSI can import .MAX or .3DS files (Max’s format) directly, so you may need to convert your file to something else first.

Nope, no import option’s can can be used for that format…

but do what kind of program/site should i use for the conversion?