Some Yanks get the Slip on some Jerries

I tried to edit this but I don’t know what I’m doing all the time.


Edit if thou pleasest

Zhe germans are actually use all their concentration to create some weird Dragonball-like engeryballs to blow zhe americans away.

lol looks like they are yelling an epic battlecry

Like in Saving Private Ryan where they were both yelling at each other at gunpoint?

The guy in the window was posed oddly, and why isn’t nobody shooting?

Why shoot when you can take prisoners?

I really like the posing and camera angle. Doesn’t seem like there’s much to the edit except a contrast bump and some noise. Overall very good.

Grazie! The posing on Herman the German with his hands up over there was better (really only the hands) but I screwed up on the pose on the dude in the window so I reopened the save file and they went slightly goofy.

The Germans ain’t shooting cause there’s a tank there.
Tank’s like “HAI GUYS”