Some1 may provide Rust + EAC registry entries please

I run W10 H 64, 280x, newest Crimson, newest drivers everywhere. I cannot start Rust from Steam, it goes from starting directly to synchronizing after the popup to chose Rust or Dx9. I tried playing, uninstalling and installing EAC, Rust, Steam…with or without admin rights, with AV/firewall and without, even on a clear fullmoon night when pluto and Uranus were in good constellation to Andromeda…Only way to get into Rust is via the Client file. Either directly from folder browser or if I add it to steam. But then EAC will never work from what I figured out.
I was browing a lot of sited during the last days but nothing worked. I found a similar problem which was solved by a registry fix but it didn’t work. So maybe there are different entries in my registry that either aren’t there where they should be or are simnply wrong.

Today I went to the good old legacy. I could play it and then I downloaded Rust again (even if I could make this steady, this is not a solution I will accept). Somehow I was able to see the wake-up screen twice but then again EAC failed.

It’s really driving me nuts because I simply want to play Rust ._.

Have you tried verifying files in steam first?

I hope that was a joke…

Look man, it wasn’t a joke. Some of the craziest shit thats gone wrong in this game I have remedied with doing so. Just saying, trying to help. Whatever

Ok SO I installed Rust on my laptop and I could run it from steam and stream it onto my desktop. I am also running W10 64, same AV/Firewall, same configurations with it (which are default on both systems).

As far as I could see registry entries were the same on my desktop. That was my last hope that some entries were messed up which causes the problems.

I can go on Battle Royale servers with the client file launched via steam but not on normal servers.