Somebody need a Dedicated Server?

Hey my name i Macbacon and i’m a dedicated hoster i have hosted some month now and now i want to host for other ppl so pm me if you want a dedicated server

sounds legit


First post… obviously promoting his hosting service or a troll.

I’ll take one I guess? Pm me if its free



I want it!

So uhh does the server stay on after your curfew as well?

I think it goes off when his parents call him for bedtime.

I apparently had a server from him for 3 seconds before he went offline on steam then the server went offline. Then the next day he said quote "sorry no server, had a problem with “portfowarding”

Guess his daddy doesn’t want his little boy to waste bandwidth

I want a free dedicated server! It’ll waste 10kb/s less on my own bandwidth, awesome.

I pm’ed him a week ago and he still hasn’t responded. I’ll never trust someone with a Beiber picture ever again >:(