Somebody stole my stolen SWEP on the gmod workshop - or how I created a weapon with little effort to prove a point and someone took that point and proved it even further

A few years ago I wasn’t that familiar with lua. I could understand it’s syntax and a little bit about structures, but I didn’t know how to make an addon. That was when toybox was around. There was a lot of garbage on toybox, so I wanted to prove a point by uploading even more garbage. Skip to “The Important stuff” if you don’t really care that much about backstory.

How I created the SWEP
I went to download some SWEPs on to learn some lua. There was a lot of garbage on toybox, so I wanted to prove a point by uploading even more garbage. The point was that no matter how damn good the coding or features are in a swep, people will download it because of the dumb memes. I found this addon because it had a delayed sound and fired many bullets on a timer. Now I completely jury rigged and modified everything that it had to do with it so it looks nothing similar to what I had because I was a plagiarizing child, but I got what I needed. So I have a lua file (Which I pretty much didn’t make) and I now have sound to go with it (Which I didn’t make). I uploaded it and woe and behold it was one of the top weapons on the toybox just because it had a meme in it, not because of the code.

How I found out someone stole my stolen swep
Ages ago I was browsing the workshop and I found this gem. I was laughing thinking that someone probably copied it because in the description it said it was “Made from scratch. I had the idea from the toybox one.” so I downloaded it and tried it out. It was the same exact thing as my toybox weapon. I laughed, showed it to some friends, and moved on with my life. Now a few years later, today, I released my own SWEP pack. I started thinking about the laser SWEP I made, and later how someone copied it. I then downloaded the Garrysmod Publishing Utility and decompiled 2 .gma files. One was the offending material and the other was “The best of toybox”. Both files had a folder called a weapon named weapon_shoop and both files had identical setups. The offending material had some improvements in precaching in lua as well as minor effects (such as bullet impacts) but still had the same firing functions as the older one.

The important stuff
Now here are the two lua files uploaded to dropbox. If you don’t trust me you can download the SWEP from the workshop and extract them yourself.
The file in “The Best of Toybox” on the garrysmod workshop (Created May 18th 2013)
The file in “Shoop Da Whoop SWEP” on the garrysmod workshop (offending material) (Created May 18th 2013)

Now here is my file, grabbed off of “The Best of Toybox” on
Original File (Created 941 Days Ago from this post, March 27, 2012) As you can see the primary attack function is virtually the same as the older file.

All 3 files here were originally called weapon_shoop.

One of my previous alias was “Marty Samuel Jackson Sexburger”. The only proof I have is this Golden Eye Source page where I played under that alias. It has my steam ID and steam avatar with it.

I also have this unlisted youtube video ** (Created Febuary 6th, 2012)** where I basically tested it but with a more relevant meme at the time so I could basically make a shitty re-release and make another point that you can package the same shit over and over again and people wouldn’t care (but call of duty proved that point already so i never released it). Skip to the 2:30 minute mark and dear god my voice is annoying.

Thoughts anyone?

All I can say is you successfully proved your point that effort leads to failure and theft leads to riches.

Really quite sad that it was stolen.

Yeah I’ll admit it, that one I uploaded was one that I had lying around my Garry’s Mod folder, which I fixed for 13, having no clue who the original maker was. I originally uploaded it for a friend, but I had no reason to claim it as my own and I’m sorry for that.

I’m remaking the swep right now, and I’ll try to make some improvements to it, but this time working from scratch.

Sorry for all the trouble that I caused with my past stupidity.

Updated the workshop addon.

New code just to show: