Somebody stole my Workshop creation but I don't just want him murdered

So it was brought to my attention by a good person that this weaboo took my code and re-uploaded it after changing some gui elements and replacing the names of the addon and me.
He’s kept up to date too, exact copy of my latest release.



He left in this though
print( “vradio v3.3.8 loaded – Made by Declivity” )
(If you need this proof get it before he removes it)
(also mine is a reupload, my original is on the workshop but is hidden to obey the workshop rules)

which led the good person to inform me about it.

So the problem is that his upload is way more successful than mine. Though I do want this weaboo dead, I dont want the 20000 subscribers to lose the addon.
Is there anything I can do to get credit for my work while not getting the addon deleted for the users?
Anyone who tries to talk to the weaboo about it gets blocked

You can only get him banned from the workshop.
You could try making a bot to automatically pm all of them if you really care, but I doubt it’s that important.

I think it’s kinda funny though how his rip off has thrice the amount of reviews and 1 star more just because of the anime-style advertising :v:

He deleted my comment, with no response, and made his comments private to friends only lmao.

“Note: a DMCA takedown notice has been filed on this item.”
You only filed a takedown on one of the addons. He published a fuckton


Nvm the rest are just albums (wtf)

He have also copied the dubstep gun.
“Please do not reupload to the workshop with a simple modification such as a sound change or a fix, even tho you have given credit and all stuff who made it ect.”

It has a shit load more because he has separate addons that are albums (weeb music) but you have to subscribe to ‘vocaloid’ in order to listen to it. lol.

Looks like both the music and the dubstep gun have been taken down

He also added me on steam but since the 20000 subscribers are gone I have nothing to gain by talking to this scumbag

For entertainment purposes here’s what he sent me, enjoy trying to read it

“I found you mod on garry’s

Well … he should had read the “Don’t copy mah shit” part at the dubstep gun. I guess he was just hoping it got swept under the rug, likewise with your mod.

Steam’s really good at parsing links.

No way in hell this guy is in college. he cant spell every other word correct. Denmark like the other scandinavian countries have good english education.

Oh, that explains it… A lot

Seeing as you guys enjoyed that chat log here’s more of the good stuff

The plot thickens:
ChrisLeOtaku is the guy that told me about my addon being stolen. it looks like before this they were taking a mod called nradio and once GM13 broke it MangaBeats went and took mine.

This picture is from one of his comments on the post, he steals essays too apparently.

“Now he is reported and I will be thankful if you guys could report him to so steam will notice it.Thansk for all you support love you guys and girls <3”

This guy is an actual asshole


Now what is even more disgusting is how he calls my addon a fraud, just because I reported him to the original owner, who in this case is Declivity.

In to which my response was this:

Just to clear some things up here.

For anyone who knows who “MangaBeats” is on steam, he is a lying, theiving, son of a b****.

He recently had his “Vocaloid Radio v3.0” removed from Steam from a DMCA strike. He wants to center the blame on me from reporting his addon to the Original Creator (Declivity). The new verson I am working is based on code of Declivity, which “MangaBeats” calls “his mods” code. In which I have full permission from the Declivity, and am going to Credit him for his code.

If you see any hate comments on here, that is why. He told his entire Steam group, “Otaku80” (Zone80) to spam my profile/addon pages with “Hate Comments” or report my addons as a form of revenge. All I did to this guy was report the use/copying to Declivity…

He also proceeds to claim that I am the cause of the group being invite only, then tells this as a response to my reaction “description” on my addon.

Examples of the comments I have been receiving:

Been deleting them up until now. Not sure what to do, but is there anyway to get his “Group” shut down, or him booted from steam for this harassment? I know the comments are comedic because like MangaBeats, they cannot spell. Regardless they need to stop. (To be clear here, all I did was report the use to Declivity, and then he goes on to lie about code, not being stolen, about not telling others to give me hate comments/reporting my addons for revenge. I didn’t even know he had a dubstep gun, but I know he cannot code since with the message above he claimed that he isn’t good with Lua, but doesn’t one get better at Lua over time, he told me in a message that he started in 2013…) However, with all that aside, it needs to stop.

Did a bit of comment-shitting in that thread and:

Yeah, that’s about right.

If he released the addon before you, then you clearly copied it.
Stop trying to act like it’s yours.

I like to leave thoseup as monuments to human stupidity.

Granted, I have never been on the receiving end of this level of dumb, so I can totally understand your decision.

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Bad reading.

Yeah. Apparently those who steal mods, get caught doing it, get toxic. Tell all their groupies/friends to report every addon ever posted on the workshop page of the one who caught him. Then procceds to play it off like he never told anyone to do so. If its not toxic in one community, its toxic in another.

Anyone else get a antivirus threat detected message from the png files linked in these posts above?