Somehow I managed to goof up making a transparent texture

I followed this procedure and Hammer/Source won’t recognize the alpha layer in my textures:

[ul][li]Open the source image in Photoshop[/li][li]Create layer from background, select background with quick select, hide selection (background is now clear)[/li][li]Save as PNG[/li][li]Open in VTFEdit (VTFEdit recognizes the alpha layer)[/li][li]Make it into a .VTF[/li][li]Make a corresponding VMT, including the line “$translucent” “1”[/li][li]Put VMTs and VMFs in folder, add to cstrike/materials [/li][/ul]

Where am I screwing up? Do I have to paint the area I want clear black first? I have no idea.

Edit: Here is the image I want to turn into a texture. I have written permission from its creator to use it. I’ve spent an hour fighting with it and I’d appreciate it if someone could turn it into a vmf for me and show me where I went wrong. Thanks.

.png doesn’t save alpha maps
Use .tga instead.

I did this, vtfedit will not recognize the alpha layer.

did you save the .tga as a 32bit image?

Yes. VTFedit shows the alpha layer as white and not a checkerboard.

Alpha layer was all white? Or had a gray/white checkerboard under the white?

Turns out Photoshop won’t let me save alpha with a Targa. What the fucking christ. :commissar:

Edit: Any time I create an alpha channel and try to crop it, it turns into a layer mask and doesn’t do what I want it to.

Edit 2: I only have maybe 60 minutes of experience with photoshop, most of it fighting with this.

Just gotta be sure… did you create the alpha channel in the “Channels” tab and NOT the “Layers” tab?

You can get a targa plugin

I used to use photoshop, but then I realized that you have to do tons of complicated steps and I got paint.NET instead, and it’s very simple to do alpha and it’s free too. I think there’s a tutorial about under TF2 – Sprays on

Yes. This was my mistake at first but after correcting it, it didn’t make a difference.

Turns out the first VTFs I made (the ones from PNG) are fine in-game. They just look broken in hammer.