Somehow the map crashes.

So I have a problem with the compiled map. When I go to a certain point of the map, the game just crashes. I tried a lot of things which did nothing in the matter of solving the problem, and I know I could just redo everything because there is not much there yet, but I am curious what could be the problem.

If anyone have a theory, feel free to post. If there will be no solution I will just star over.

The map was made in Hammer; 2009/Half-Life 2

Download link for the vmf;


I got your map working.

It has 4 func_door_rotating that don’t have a brush model associated to them.
Maby you tried some other doors first, before you made these ones and deleted the brushes,
while in select:solids mode, so the brushes were deleted but not the entities associated with them.
The game crashes when the player is touching these entities that dont have a brush.

You can fix this by going to View>Entity Report…
and delete the func_door_rotating that don’t have a brush.


Maby you should use prop_door_rotating,
with the model “models/props_c17/door01_left.mdl” and the skin 4.
It looks just like your current doors but has a lever
and is the standard methode for making simple doors in Half-Life 2.

It worked! Thanks for the advice, I will use prop_door_rotating.