Someone claiming rust EAC ban from another game

Someone on our server got EAC banned and then created another account to play on this server. They then claim the EAC ban was from GTAV even though rusthackreports twitter clearly mentions their ban on their twitter feed. So my question is. If you are EAC banned from rust, is it definitely only from Rust?

lol, I don’t think GTA V even uses EAC, so your player’s a lying little weasel in addition to using detected payhacks.

As far as I know, only EAC bans for Rust apply to Rust. Someone with a Reign of Kings EAC ban (RoK actually uses EAC) can still play Rust. I’ll be surprised if one of the EAC guys steps in to correct me.

It’s possible but highly highly I repeat highly unlikely that the GTA cheats have the same code EAC picks up on for a certain rust hack but that’s nearly impossible and would require that code to be running in memory at the same time as EAC/rust and maybe not even then would it pick it up.

So the short answer is no, he’s lying.

GTA isn’t listed on the EAC list.