Someone compile these MW2 player models for css?

Just wanted to ask if someone would compile these models for player models in CS:S without consistency error. They are 12 different models, which should be compiled for 2 T and 2 CT Teams. The models are the divers, russians, makarov and FSB from MW2, I’m wondering why this haven’t been done with any of them (just the Rangers & Traitors I know).

I prepared a RAR with all the models (need to be decompiled first), textures and instructions what should be compiled as what (doesn’t really matter if you got a different idea).

Here’s the download:

Well, I would be really happy to see more MW2 models for CS:S, I hope someone gets on it.

Also can someone tell me how to bypass the consistency check when compiling player models for css?

Yeah, I would like to see these too.
Especially the russians. I made a thread a while back, but got nothing.

OMG no one?

Hey PoisonHeadcrab… Tengu (the guy who ported the under water soldiers and the russians) ported some TF141 from the favela… maybe you would want to add that to your request.

Yay, thanks for telling me, I’ll add them soon :smiley:

This is a good idea. Just about all the models from MW2 were great, but the ones I would really like to see are the divers and the Russian paratroopers.

yeah, me too. the only thing I dont like about the MW2 models is… well, soap. he looks like a punk.

link dead