Someone else uploaded my file.

I can’t find a report button, so I’m posting them here, if that’s right? :S
Can they be deleted?

I mainly want them deleted because they didn’t post a link to the up to date version, their versions are laggy, and out of date.

Not going to happen. doesnt have moderation.

fuuuuuuuuuuu-, I also see there is no way to message other users, to even request them to take it down >___________>

No, unless they have an FP account.

mostly they are just kids who wants downloads :s

All you can do is sulk around till they get themselves banned for uploading viruses or something…

Be happy that someone thought highly enough of your addon that they thought it would make them look good if they claimed they made it. :downs:


Although it’s funny how people always say “credit to original creator” without saying who the original creator is.