Someone finally paid the ransom!

But unfortunantly for this hostage, Elite T likes to pack some fudge…

Oh and might aswell dump this random dive shot…

oh i thought the first one was a sex pose

you should keep practicing before you post pictures though

if you’re new to this, this isn’t that bad

it IS

oh what the fuck

i just thought it was just awkwardly posed

still not that great

o.O, Wouldn’t want to be that guy, I thought he was getting sodomized in the first one, no offense.
Sorry, this isn’t so good, you should practice a little more!

Welcome to my club, Huey, I give you permission to make Optimistic Threads :smiley:

(it was a pre-rape pose, the point being that guys about to get some bum secks)
lol this is a 2 minute pose, i was just dumping it here at 1AM, i thought it would be dead by now. this deffinantly isnt the quality i usually do, i just thought it would be gone by now…

and thanks lol

lol sex pose