Someone give me a good swep tutorial?

Well i rebember the time i did shit on the forum, i was actually trying to do shit i don’t know how to do :suicide:
Nevermind, i want to restart all the shit i did in the past, so someone can give me an swep template or tutorial without chair throwing shit and stuff? I would really appreciate.

Wow. You used “shit” 4 times in barely 2 lines. I don’t know what to say about that.

I think the best you’re gonna get is these three examples, included in garry’s mod by default. You could also take a gander at any other SWEP that you can download from the workshop or other sources.

As i am dumb i will not be able to turn these to shoot bullets and reload properly. Also for the swep that you said me to download, half the workshop is pretty much M9K base, so yeah :l