Someone got in my house and robbed me...

there are no walls missing all my metal doors are intact and closed. i walked aound the inside and outside making sure there was no way in. is there some kind of glitch where people can go through walls? or is there hackers on this game?

…and he walled off my 2nd floor. cannot get up there…

Yes… There are glitches to get thru your walls/doors/foundations. Personally, I do not know what they are, but some people do. Either that, or someone logged out right where you placed your home, robbed you blind while you were not there/logged off, then they disconnected. I had a guy doing that to me today.

He coulda blown up one of your walls with c4 and then replaced them, that’s what people normally do to make it less suspicious. Or he could’ve glitched in

This too. There are plenty of ways of weaseling your way into someone’s home.

I have done that before… I raided the dude… Found a wall in his crate and placed it back for him haha.

If you put boxes too close to a wall so they stick out too much you can loot them from outside

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What people usually do is c4 to get in and then seal you off with walls so you cant get into the house or out if you were inside