Someone hacking alot of servers.

Someone named Jagger joined a server I owned and started using the download/upload exploit to grab the rcon. Shortly I fixed it,but I think he got ahold of my steam account information because I was knocked off my steam for a while,when I finally got it reset, I got a message from my friend inviting him to a chat
and Some guy claiming I hacked his server. I just want to say I think that jagger or alex, whoever. Used my account and posed as me.
Any idea what to do?

hey, that’s me! I didn’t get your steam account information, wasn’t me.

He changed his name to yours, made obvious points in code that you made that hack, simply avoids the fact that they are hacking and not you.

No ones going to get mad at you, it’s best you not worry.

Well I’ve already had one person complain I hacked their server. That’s why I posted this. It had the name of [HACKED] Server hacked by Alex,and he had changed gamemode to hacked.

Alex has problems with attention.

No I don’t.
Anyways, im Whosdr online.

You don’t what?

well, he got into my server, here is the info i got atleast from one account of him

name Shadowkiller198
Id STEAM_0:0:22066930

hmm thats what must of happened to my favoite server… only if they’d learn to be like my icon

FUCK. I was on that server.

(Playing as Butt Burger.)

LOL wut?

What? I think you should get you story straight BEFORE you start to tell it.

So it sounds. Crazy little bastard, he is.


Just glad I got the server I co own under control,and no one has been on mine to mess with it.

He hacked me as well. I friended him asking him wtf was up, he said it was an exploit and that he was sorry about the server. So I told him to get a life or at least his own server so he doesn’t have to keep fucking up other peoples servers.

No but most people fuck using DOS.

-snip- -_-

-snip- -_-

I think you’re kind of dumb, kid.

Considering the fact that you probably don’t understand what the word “hook” means, let alone understand what Sock5 proxies are, you can easily just be range banned.

This must be the biggest scriptkiddie stereotype EVER.