Someone has changed all the passwords on my accounts..

idk how but i think someone has hacked my accounts or something…
theese are mine:

Mail used to log in:
if any administrator contacts me i can tell you the passwords that were on them aswell.

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and yeah, the mails are not real, or they actually are but they are not owned by me :confused:

  1. Why do you have 4 accounts?
  2. The email is not owned by you? Well what the fuck do you think happened? Whoever owned the emails probably changed the passwords.

nooo, its mails that i just used in a hurry to create accounts for me and my friends, i doubdt the owers of the mails even knows what the game is.

so you used an email you dont have access to to buy the game? Theres your mistake.

Fun fact: Hotmail “expires” free accounts after periods of inactivity and allows anyone to claim an expired account after enough time has passed, so whoever has isn’t necessarily even the person who had it 6 years ago, even.

Nice work, you just lost access to your Rust accounts.

Hmm, actually, now that I think about it… when was the last time you were able to successfully log into those accounts? Because if you haven’t logged into them in months, they’ve been deleted, not hacked into.

what a douche. there are those waiting patiently for the price to start falling, and this tool has 4. greedy much?
and for those who call that a whine, greed is greed; DEAL WITH IT.

they have been played on actively and have several kills and stuff, and no i did not buy the keys, i got the keys from garry!

Those are definitely not your accounts, those accounts were given away in a contest from a streamer (I think it was the Rust Wiki). Either way, you aren’t getting them back even if they were yours.

He’s not greedy, you’re just poor.

the fuck are you talking about? i can even tell you the IP’s theese accounts have connected from if that it what it takes.

He clearly stated he bought them for his friends as well. How is it greedy? You’re being greedy wanting the price to go lower than what everyone else has be paying for the game.

i have not bought them! i took the keys that garry posted in gold forum like 3months ago! i can also show with post i took the keys from and admins can match them up with the accounts if possible, i just want my accounts back please. if any administrator contacts me i can show lots of proof.

I’d suggest that you just hit the password reset button, but you were dumb enough to register using fake (real) email addresses that you can’t control. You shouldn’t have done that in the first place, because getting your accounts back would be trivial if you had been smart.