Someone help me make this dumb SWEP

Look I’ve been toying around with basic LUA shit but I have no idea how to create a SWEP that launches a prop, and then the launched prop disappears after hitting something.

See I want to create a swep that fires a projectile (Thinking about the energy pellet from the Cheeezymodels pack) that travels fairly slow, and does roughly pistol level damage. Oh and the prop shouldn’t be affected by gravity either.

I know it’s a five second SWEP idea but I don’t care I’d like something to that effect.

Just find a prop launcher and edit that code.

That might work, you wouldn’t happen to know of any prop weapons that have a set time where the shots vanish do you?

Aren’t all prop launchers like that? I dunno, I think this one has disappearing sawblades:

I don’t know I might be wrong, this might be the wrong swep.
But perhaps if you look in the lua you’d be able to tell.

Actually I found what I was looking for in an unexpected SWEP: The starwars blaster pack.

All I did was tweak the damage output, changed the shots to white, and changed the sound to a megabuster sound. So I have just created a poor man’s megabuster, complete with projectile bullets.

Thanks for the help though man