Someone help with making gmod 13 sweps?

I looked up some tutorials and I saved them as lua and I followed instructions,they didn’t work,Help?

You’ll have a hard time getting any help when you haven’t posted any error messages or actual problems - ‘they didn’t work’ does not tell anyone anything helpful.
Link to the tutorials you followed and paste the code you have tried (inside [lua]tags[/lua]) along with error messages and then someone will have a chance of helping you.

I know they will work,I have experience with gmod 12 swep coding. Just they don’t appear in the spawn menu
I put them in garrysmod>garrysmod>lua>weapons>SkitZ’s Sweps(I created it) and my lua files are in there

SWEP.Category       		= "Name of the category"
SWEP.Spawnable 				= true

If the SWEP still does not appear, enable cheats and spawn it in via;

ent_create [SWEP Name]