''Someone is expecting us...'' Stalkers stumble upon a strange sight.


Practiced on shading.

Do snorks have menacingly-glowing eyes?

do research before making a pose based off a game seriously


those motherfuckers are pretty deaf

Oh whatever, that could be a Sneak instead of a Snork.

Get out of here, stalker.

Fix’d. And Leon quit your bitching. Everything fits well and the posing seems realistic, But the low-res truck is a big distraction. Next time use the truck in this pack it’s certainly better than it’s hl2 counterpart.

Duty, Freedom and Clear Sky working together?
Also, Duty and Freedom camos are supposed to be the other way around.
Besides that, good posing.

Any loners for download?

Anything created in Garry’s Mod is fan-fiction. In this picture, which is a world within its self, the eyes glow. Get over it.

Seriously go and stress over something important instead of model porting and the eyes of a fictional creature.