Someone is on a rampage in the downloads?

So I went to try to find some add ons, right when I clicked a file, it said it was dangerous. It seemed like 1/2 addons I clicked warned me. I hope this is not a serious report, as I’ve downloaded 3 of those add ons before that message showed up.

This is happening to me. All my files, which have been up for weeks, are reported, along with many others by other people including lua pad, the hl2 realistic weapons. I just hope someone removes these reports, and i dont know if its a bug, or if someone simply went on a rampage.

I have no idea how this could be happening. Or if it is a person, why waste his time?

Yeah I think its some minge going around bored enough to just start reporting files, than watch reactions

Yeah i checked loads of files in which i already downloaded and its been warning me about it… Also files that i have uploaded say it too and im clean some minge just cant help themselfs :l

ya i found like about lots addons reported D:

My files are reported, the guy needs to get a life.

ITs really stupid, over half of the popular zombie downloads like Zombie Killing Sweps, Redead, and Last Stand V.8 are flagged and i have a good firewall and it hasn’t told me shit. Its so goddamn stupid when people are so bored they decide to do that. Hope Garry bans that minge from the game.

Garry celebrating

Firemasheen speeds round the corner
Firemasheen: GARRY!

Someone is reporting too my files i uploaded some months ago.
I think is the same bot of the dumb rating system,but now is targeting

Yah I guess so, All my files as well have been reported. The guy has alot of time to lose.

Mine too. Next thing 'ya know, itself gets reported.

= D

Someone is on a spree, dont worry.