Someone is so jealus about my addon release and stole point from me.And so much abused at me in workshop.

I don’t know what to do I am not sure to post to correct forum just asking advices and help. I hope I won’t get ban for this.

I just making only ports final bosses from killing floor games Maybe be you saw me from my kf 1 final boss pack (he attacked that addonon too but people used it and made snpcs from it but he abused it heres his comments his name mark )

well I just ported hans volter ( when he didn’t ported yet it ) and I just made bad picture for first upload because it so beta and I got exams but my models fine for first start I put 2-5 in game animations from real kf2 game and made normal ragdoll after I search some kf2 addons and I just typed someone addon this I didn’t know he become so much ***** of to my release
( here where I commented ) I just thought people know me because I just port final bosses from kf games this shouldn’t be problem to type because I just thought I could get suggest and help from other porters anyways so he go to my addon and typed so much abused comments he act like he jealus about my addon so he released his own pack now he put me curner but like I said betas always betas now my addon better than him and also gona do more awesome things so people can make him as snpc or use him aniamtions to make awesome things.

You can read his comments here from my addon:

And his addon here (He blocked me and deletes my comments when I type)

What should I do now?
Should I stop my port and accept to lose?
Or fight him with create report army to try to delete his addon from workshop?
Or try make ad my addon to show people?
And am I so bad porter?

if he ACTUALLY stole something you’ve done, you can try reporting him, if he’s just doing the same thing you’re doing I don’t think there’s much you can do

yeah but there is so much abusement there also project belong to me I just port final bosses

Did you name the animations in any way specifically?
Or better yet, can you post the QC you used for Hans and I can compare it to Mark’s once I decompile it?

Animations list:
idle / kickdoorbaton / taunt_kill_v3 / Bullet_B_V1 / Bullet_B_V2 / Bullet_B_V3 / Bullet_BL_V1 / Bullet_BL_V2 / Bullet_BL_V3 / Bullet_BR_V1 / Bullet_BR_V2 / Bullet_BR_V3 / Bullet_F_V1 / Bullet_F_V2 / Bullet_F_V3 / Bullet_FL_V1 / Bullet_FL_V2 / Bullet_FL_V3 / Bullet_FR_V1 / Bullet_FR_V2 / Bullet_FR_V3 / Bullet_L_V1 / Bullet_L_V2 / Bullet_L_V3 / Bullet_R_V1 / Bullet_R_V2 / Bullet_R_V3 / Atk_Door_V1 / Atk_AOE_V1 / Atk_Combo2_V1 / Atk_Lunge_V1 / Atk_Lunge_V2 / Atk_Lunge_V3 / Atk_Lunge2_V1 / Atk_Lunge2_V2 / Atk_LungeFrenzy_V1 / Shoot_both / Shoot_L / Shoot_R / Hit_B_V1 / Hit_B_V2 / Hit_B_V3 / Hit_BL_V1 / Hit_BL_V2 / Hit_BL_V3 / Hit_BR_V1 / Hit_BR_V2 / Hit_BR_V3 / Hit_F_V1 / Hit_F_V2 / Hit_F_V3 / Hit_FL_V1 / Hit_FL_V2 / Hit_FL_V3 / Hit_FR_V1 / Hit_FR_V2 / Hit_FR_V3 / Hit_Hard_B_V1 / Hit_Hard_B_V2 / Hit_Hard_B_V3 / Hit_Hard_BL_V1 / Hit_Hard_BL_V2 / Hit_Hard_BL_V3 / Hit_Hard_BR_V1 / Hit_Hard_BR_V2 / Hit_Hard_BR_V3 / Hit_Hard_F_V1 / Hit_Hard_F_V2 / Hit_Hard_F_V3 / Hit_Hard_FL_V1 / Hit_Hard_FL_V2 / Hit_Hard_FL_V3 / Hit_Hard_FR_V1 / Hit_Hard_FR_V2 / Hit_Hard_FR_V3 / Hit_Hard_L_V1 / Hit_Hard_L_V2 / Hit_Hard_L_V3 / Hit_Hard_R_V1 / Hit_Hard_R_V2 / Hit_Hard_R_V3 / Hit_L_V1 / Hit_L_V2 / Hit_L_V3 / Hit_R_V1 / Hit_R_V2 / Hit_R_V3 / Jump_F_Up / Jump_F_Land / Jump_F_Down
This addon contains:
STG-44 Left right (GMOD turret can merge them also you can merge them to hans but you need this )
Eye pose
Body groups
hans_back_pack / hans_back_pack_tube / hans_body_pipes / hans_head_mask / hans_head_pipes_and_eyes / hans_heart_thing / hans_left_syringe / hans_pistons / hans_right_syringe / hans_suit_left_arm / hans_suit_leg_left / hans_suit_leg_right / hans_suit_right_arm

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Also you can see my old work its patraich from kf 1 someone used my animated model (he can walk run all cycles I typed qc fine) and here he coded only snpc


I’ll decompile it myself and see if he changed anything/copied your work.

yeah but I didn’t typed walk cycle or others yet just now you can merge his weapons I ported (and weapons can merge gmod turrets) you can use his taunt kill animation with tools and it give you really game animations he is really firing when you do that he fire everywhere test it the mdoel in gmod with this tools
For bone merge test
For animations
I mean just this is beta after I done its looks like this

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Also He just reelased his own version not stealed but its just anoying try to steal project from other guys. And I don2t think I don’t deserve his ragely comments.

I’m sorry to tell you, he did not steal your work. He has an entirely different QC, no animations, different collision models, and pretty much everything else. There is nothing to show that he stole or edited your work.

I know thats I am saying now we got same models (of course so much diffrent between models too) in workshop but my point why he wanted to fight me like that

If someone is re-uploading your stuff PM RobotBoy on this forum and describe everything about what happened, he should be able to help.

If he is copying stuff you made but remade it himself then there isn’t much you can do since it’s not yours.

(Was too lazy to actually read this thread so sorry if I didn’t help)