Someone killed me ... must be hackers!

I’m getting so tired of hearing this. You are feeling butt-hurt because someone headshotted you with a bolt or bow. It must be hackers!!!

If you believe all the idiots on here you would think that 90% of the players were hacking, and yet in over 1,500 hours of new Rust I have only encountered it twice. And yet every day my crew get some 14-year old that we just shot saying “Not fair! You guys are cheating! I’m going to report you to Admins for hacking!..”, or “My unraidable base got raided! It must be hackers!”.

Just because somebody shot you, doesn’t mean they were hacking…

Just because somebody raided your base, doesn’t mean they were hacking…

Get over it.

and other people are getting tired of everyone repeating this same message over and over

you don’t have to push this, people already know its annoying and it wont stop anyone from making those posts/etc again