Someone left some cars on the US Server

I had a nice joy ride early this morning for about an hour until I was killed racing around the road. Not sure if the cars still exist, but from what I heard they are around. Enjoy

fail link

Try now

wow. Heh, way to fast.

Pat, Pat, Pat * sigh *

Gotta go fast.

Aw yeah. carz

George Lopez theme song, fucking miss that show,

OT: Sweet vid, hope they add cars soon.

OH! thats where i had heard the song from :smiley:

Yeah , trying to make it so everyone can watch the video and get the point. The real low rider would been banned and blocked for other countries.

Give that car a car wash

at 0:41 you drove past my base lol

Thanks for telling us where it’s at :slight_smile:

lol see yah then buddy

I drove by a few well known peoples bases, even my own while guys on TS was telling me it was being raided. I jumped the car over him around 2:50 in. But I kept riding, tried to hit him and swing back around and he started shooting. But cars cant run over people so it wouldn’t of mattered anyways.

The way the cars ride they need some kinda nurf with the ability to climb steep hills like that. It almost feels like your skiing when you drive.

that was me at 4:04 that went into the air :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol I bet you didn’t expect to fly like that.

We shot him up and blew up car lol

Dev’s spawned these cars :stuck_out_tongue:

I lost my car to a supply drop:|

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Heres were the mischief started at around 9am eastern