Someone make cp_pro_yukon

One of my favorite maps is on its way out in the competitive community. It was voted out this season and if we can’t fix the aspects that prevent favorable competitive play it will probably fall into the ranks of cp_well in forgotten competitive maps :[ I have talked to mangycarface about it, and he doesn’t have time to work on it, but doesn’t mind if someone decompiles the map and fixes a couple things. He will probably implement your changes in the next release of yukon.

I helped make yyler’s koth_pro_viaduct which was also once on its way out of the competitive community, and I’m hoping we can see cp_yukon next season make a return. However, there have been several unsuccessful attempts to make “pro” editions of maps, most notably pro_well, pro_fastlane and pro_turbine. The key to making a successful “pro” version of a map is to keep the map looking, feeling, and playing the same while ONLY fixing the things players complain about. Not to add, any new path ways, choke points, doodads or areas. On yukon the changes this mostly pertains last area and a very small fix to the second control point. A map prevents enjoyable competitive play when it becomes too easy to defend a capture point. This mostly pertains to last, but also to second point as well. The second point is an easy fix by just making the control point/house a bit bigger so that a player can hide inside the house while it caps, without being hit by spam from either side of the 2nd cp area, forcing someone to jump on the house or run at the control point to stop a capture. Last will be a little bit trickier and take some more time and effort, but I have something in particular in mind that’s hard to explain but competitive players will fall in love once they see it.

Talk to me

Use the request section.

And with that thread title it seems you’re approaching this way to agressivly.

Waits there’s pro tf2 now? What the feck
Also telling someone to make it and asking someone to make it are two different things
why would you make an account just to ask someone for this

  1. Decompiling the map will introduce a crapton of new issues. You should have got access to the vmf.
  2. If you are a mapper, why don’t you do it?

Goddam your title scares me, it’s almost as though you’re threatening us.

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Learn Hammer and make it yourself like everyone else did.

Would you have said that if he made this thread in the requests section, because I doubt you would, have you learnt hammer at all, how’s that interstellar map going back from 5-6 months ago?

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if I remember also you were the guy who asked how to make the vertex tool not on-grid and thought making off-grid brushes was okay…

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Well I didn’t bother finishing it so that’s why it hasn’t shown up. I didn’t ask if it was okay I asked if it was possible, you’re not my parents. [Lastpost]

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