Someone needs to add animations to some of these models.

I plan to use models from the above player pack in an SNPC pack, however, many of them are lacking in the animations necessary. So, I have decided to ask you Facepunch users if anyone can do whatever you do to give them the anims I require.

The ones I will be using in my pack are the Imperial Officer, Rodian (bug guy for people who don’t know star wars), and the tusken raider (sandpeople).

I would also like it if you were to hex them to keep them from replacing the models in the original pack.

If you can do this for me, it would make my day.


What anims? Do you mean NPC anims? and if so which ones?

Don’t use those.
Those models are terrible.

Wait for better models in here

The ones that allow them to walk and hold guns right. I’m no expert, I just know that NPCs need them.


if you say so, but can you tell me when you’ll be releasing imperial officers and rodians on your main thread?