Someone needs to make a nude Samus!

I know this is way far off scale, but seriously now!
With nude faith out, there should be plenty of ideas afloat, and that meaning that there
should be a nude samus! And if you do make one, make sure to upload it at

The best place to upload content.

This thread is ridiculous, but in the end, it will come out well. Believe me, even you would like to see a
nude Samus in Gmod.


Such blasphemy!
Someone disagreed? Bull shit. What a foo.

I disagree.

Emphasize to why you do.

why would you need it?

God people, just get some other nude models. We already have enough!

seriously they just don’t need to make anything nude for your pixel fetish

Wow. So many are disagreeing. I don’t know why though, because I think it would be a great idea.
And pixel fetish? Yeah, I’m sure you’d enjoy it to.

There’s plenty of stuff to get off to on the internet, Gmod isn’t a sex simulator.

lol samus yeh my old idol


i think its a great idea :slight_smile:


hell no

Hell yea! At least some here actually agree.

It isn’t?

I’ve been fooled…

Perhaps you might of.
Gmod can act like a sexy simulator, whenever it wants to. That, or whenever you want it to.

Thanks everyone whom agreed.
This really should be done seriously. Someone really needs to start making a nude samus.

Get a girlfriend.
Seriously people, we don’t need this 3d-porn trash anymore.

True, that.

I honestly… feel… bad for you “ShadowDog_Naos”.

You don’t have to. Life continues on~.

Yes, it does, hopefully - along with everyone else, will grow up and stop looking at nude people that aren’t even real.

I understand.
You needn’t continue.