Someone on is claiming torture slaughter is theres

If its not stolen DO not ban me just tell me if it is and lock the thread.

He never claimed he did it.


Everything that guy has is stolen

The Spy, beta skins, and Soldier hexed models he stole from TF2hexes and the flamethrower is my hex

just ban his account

Then play TF2 RP.

He’ll be the REAL Blue Scout.

Then you’ll be the REAL Red Spy.

And fuck his mother. :smiley:


Oh… and this shit is stolen.

So what if its stolen?

i would like to be a famous mapper and have people re post my stuff… Its helping my maps get around…

You wouldnt be to happy about it. Trust me.

this is a torture map obviously.

Would you be happy if your map has been re-uploaded by other people without giving any credits at all? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be glad.

That’s not the way it works around here, if you break rules you can’t just say “I don’t want to be banned” and they’ll be like “ok lol”

Not again…

Someone needs to delete his account…

He is just a retard who is uploading others work to get credits for it

Familiar anyone?

why dont u just stop him, get it over and done with?

Because we can’t?

Torture!! Waagh!! Bloood violence!!