Someone opened my locked door and they didn't have a copy of the key. how?

I built my house with a locked door and somehow, someone opened my door and unlocked it. How? I know there is a chance they broke through my level 6 wall and built it back, but how else?

They probably pick pocketed you through the door.

also, on occasion the locks glitch and appear locked despite being unlocked, or vice versa.

I snuck up on someone’s base once just as he was building. Lock was green still so I snuck up, made a copy, snuck away, came back later.

Far too easy to glitch access either via the door way (you can open boxes, loot etc via a gap in the lower bars) or by glitching into the foundation (if built on a rock/overhang). Then just loot the key or gear…

I notice people spend ages doing level 6 walls but forget or don’t realise to upgrade their foundations and it can happen that way.

Master criminal if you ask me…

Or roofs. lol. I found one guy with high(er) level walls, but had level 1 roof tiles. I jumped onto his roof via a rock which I hike up to. He was in there sleeping with his hazmat suit on. I looted him of all his stuff, duplicated his key, repaired the roof, like I was never there.

I didn’t kill him, I left a human skull next to his head :smiley:

lol now thats funny