Someone Please Explain Difference between Server.Vdf and Server.cfg

I have just started a dedicated server that runs a Linux file management system,

There is no .cfg files only a server.vdf

This Is the server.vdf File

	"gmod_physiterations"		"4"
	"ttt_lang_serverdefault"		"english"
	"ttt_karma"		"1"
	"ttt_limit_spectator_chat"		"1"
	"ttt_limit_spectator_voice"		"1"
	"ttt_bots_are_spectators"		"0"
	"ttt_sherlock_mode"		"1"
	"ttt_minimum_players"		"1"
	"ttt_jihad_buyable"		"1"
	"ttt_jihad_inloadout"		"0"
	"ttt_sandwich_detective"		"1"
	"ttt_sandwich_traitor"		"1"
	"ttt_ironsights_lowered"		"1"
	"ttt_crowbar_unlocks"		"1"
	"ttt_sm_startsound"		"entities/slow_motion/slow_motion_start.wav"
	"ttt_sm_endsound"		"entities/slow_motion/slow_motion_end.wav"
	"ttt_sm_duration"		"1"
	"ttt_fire_fallback"		"0"
	"ttt_hermesboots_detective_loadout"		"0"
	"ttt_hermesboots_traitor_loadout"		"0"
	"ttt_hermesboots_speed"		"1.300000"
	"ttt_hermesboots_detective"		"1"
	"ttt_hermesboots_traitor"		"1"

This is my Server.cfg that i want on my Dedicated server,
I am in the process of transferring everything
to my new dedicated server?
Do i put this into the server.vdf now since im working with linux now? should i pretend cfg does not exist?

This is my Server.cfg

// server name
hostname "____________________"

// rcon passsword
rcon_password "_________________"

sv_password cones

sv_loadingurl "__________________________"

sv_allowdownload 0 

sv_allowupload 0

ttt_minimum_players 1
ttt_debug_preventwin 1
ttt_firstpreptime 15
ttt_preptime_seconds 15
ttt_posttime_seconds 10

//Round length
ttt_haste 1
ttt_haste_starting_minutes 5
ttt_haste_minutes_per_death 0.25

//Map Switching
ttt_round_limit 10
ttt_time_limit_minutes 10
ttt_always_use_mapcycle 0
mapcyclefile "cfg/mapcycle.txt"

//Player Counts
ttt_traitor_pct 0.25
ttt_traitor_max 32
ttt_detective_pct 0.13
ttt_detective_max 32
ttt_detective_min_players 5
ttt_detective_karma_min 600

ttt_karma 1
ttt_karma_strict 1
ttt_karma_starting 1000
ttt_karma_max 1500
ttt_karma_ratio 0.001
ttt_karma_kill_penalty 15
ttt_karma_round_increment 5
ttt_karma_clean_bonus 30
ttt_karma_traitordmg_ratio 0.0003
ttt_karma_traitorkill_bonus 40
ttt_karma_low_autokick 1
ttt_karma_low_amount 600
ttt_karma_low_ban 1
ttt_karma_low_ban_minutes 20
ttt_karma_persist 1
ttt_karma_clean_half 0.25

ttt_postround_dm 1
ttt_no_nade_throw_during_prep 0
ttt_weapon_carrying 1
ttt_weapon_carrying_range 50
ttt_teleport_telefrags 1
ttt_ragdoll_pinning 1
ttt_ragdoll_pinning_innocents 1
ttt_use_weapon_spawn_scripts 1
ttt_spawn_wave_interval 2

// server logging
//log on
//sv_logbans 1
//sv_logecho 1
//sv_logfile 1
//sv_log_onefile 0

// operation
sv_lan 0
sv_region 3 //Europa

// Important to see player models correctly
ttt_playercolor_mode 2

// FTP Server  FastDL
sv_downloadurl "_________________****"
sv_allowdownload 0
sv_allowupload 0

exec banned_user.cfg
exec banned_ip.cfg

sv_timeout 90

sv_minrate 30000
sv_maxrate 40000
sv_minupdaterate 33
sv_maxupdaterate 33
sv_mincmdrate 33
sv_maxcmdrate 33

Don’t worry about or touch the VDF file. Not sure if its purpose but you shouldn’t really be changing it.

The VDF file stores, to my understanding, any convars that are archived (FCVAR_ARCHIVE).

It is basically the physical location for such convars to be stored, thus allowing the server (or client) to use the same values across sessions.

You should copy over both files, since the VDF will contain values you have changed. The CFG will still be used to primarily change non-archived convars at start up. It’s not a matter of operating system – both files are used.
Your server would still work without the VDF, but it means that the values that were inside the VDF would get reverted back to their default value when you start up the server.

As a purely conceptual example, if something like sbox_godmode was changed to 1 (assuming it is archived), then it would be stored in the VDF. That way sbox_godmode will still be 1 on the next startup.
If you didn’t copy over the VDF, then sbox_godmode would revert back to the default (0), which is clearly not preferable if you specifically wanted it enabled.

Then why are you posting?

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Don’t put your rcon password in your server.cfg, BTW. People can steal it. Put it in your command line launch parameters.

No they can’t.

Unless you mean through backdoors, (Which would be a whole other issue) it’s impossible to steal the server.cfg.

And if this was 1 year ago (When this was possible) the “sv_allowdownload 0” would actually patch it, so your warning is completely useless.

Stop spreading misinformation

Thanks for giving me a heads up, I still believe it’s bad practice since you can put it in the launch parameters where only you can see it.

What situation are you in where someone can view your server.cfg but not your launch parameters?

You used to be able to download any server file directly if it had sv_allowdownload 1 and it got spread among skids.
It was then patched by Rubat but was still possible if you knew how, until Willox patched it like 5 months ago.

You couldn’t download launch parameters cause they where outside of the garrysmod directory, which was impossible to … out of when using RequestFile to download shit.

I meant currently. “…you can put it in the launch parameters where only you can see it” implies that there’s a situation in the current version of the game where someone can see your server.cfg who can’t also see your launch options.

Backdoors? I don’t think your rcon password will matter if you have a backdoor already though lol

For anyone Wondering since you can’t delete posts on Facepunch, I was dumb when i posted this, probably still am.

But the issue was I could only see the server.vdf because the Linux Dedicated server had a Preset Gmod Server folders already setup. I could not Delete anything or add my Server.cfg due to the Dedicated Servers permissions

If you have a dedicated server always remember to Fix file permissions!
This will Remove filetype restrictions

See Image Below:

Thank you. :boxhide: :boxhide: :boxhide: :boxhide: :boxhide: :boxhide:

please never delete posts anywhere - someone will possibly stumble along a post like this in the future with the same situation and finally find an answer. see: