Someone port or make Metro 2033 models?

I was wondering if anyone could make these, or possibly port them (I have no idea how hard it is to port them, but I know it’s been done before.) I also don’t expect any mutant models, from what I’ve seen their pretty hard to port. Here’s some reference pictures from the game, as well as concept art:

Reich Stalkers:

Concept art suit:

Bourbon concept art I think:

Ranger concept art:

Red Line soldiers:


Add me on steam if you’d like to do these for me, also if you have any questions on anything specific for a model. On a side note, I think some of the models have detachable items on them (For example when you kill someone, you can take ammo or med-kits from their body, that would have previously been apart of the model) So I don’t know how this would effect them being ported, but you may have many variants or parts. Thanks!

P.S. : Sorry some of the pictures are a bit small, add me if you need anything more detailed or something.

Some stuff has been ported already, like so.

And some stuff on mainly gear. They’re might’ve been weapons too that were ported but I don’t remember.

I can try and track down the link to the models in the picture I posted if you want.

They are available in a one of Metro 2033 RP Servers. Don’t remember the name but you can find them on a workshop as a content addon for a server.

I should have probably been more specific in my post, but still thank you! I was wondering if anyone could port over some more models on top of those, those packs have very bare minimum of some of the Metro models, and I’d like to have more (I.E. The gas mask variants and other regular dweller models.)


Thank god I know russian as my native language :v:

As far as I know so are pvt.jenkins and Ninja Nub working on some Metro models. Weapons:

If someone made a model of the concept art suit I would love them forever

Thanks for the information guys!

And heck ya James, some of that Concept art looks real good for models.

Here is all possible Metro Content ported to gmod here.


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