someone ruins the scout's pancakes

The posing looks funky and the fingerposing on the spy is really bad.

Smoke is not bad maybe abit less pronounced, and the faceposing is ok.

They’re ok, kinda bland, and one of the spy’s fingers is poking through his hand + the smoke is cut off - the faceposing is entertaining though

I love it. If only I could give two ratings at once… Have a funny!

why is the spy holding his thumb between his fingers?


wha ? anyway hmmm that screenshot is… good

got your nose?

dare i say it?

rape face

I like the editing on the cigarette, too bad it’s cut off though.

Oh wow. I love the Spy’s face.

why is the smoke starting under the cigarette

This is hilarious, but there are lots of errors as said before.

Not bad but it would have been much better if you simply hadn’t included the spy.