Someone shot at us. We offered our help a few minutes later... :D

After being fired at from this group of guys, we decide to offer our assistance as a group of 5 naked men.

why are you spaming these threads?

every video you’ve posted is of u and ur group killing lone wolf noobs. if u really wanna impress us why dont u go up against 4 kevlar guys with m4’s like that :wink:

WTF In game I am Demosthene without “S” iI really thought it was me !!!

How else will he become the new Frankie?

Every time him and his crew do, they get messed up and look absolutely silly. Me & a friend fought 5 guys in his crew, I killed oryg1n and two of his friends while wearing Cloth & a M4. oryg1n and one of his mates had Kevlar & a M4. The last guy I killed had Leather & a M4. Lucky for them my friend got away without me because they obviously can’t fend for themselves unless it’s a 5:1 ratio.

he’s spreading his suckyness all over the forums :suicide: