Someone thinks Alyx Vance is real, and he loves her!

I was browsing youtube when I came across the comments on this video, Half-Life 2: Alyx and Gordon.

To get you interested, here is one thing he said:

"Well yes Alyx is an actress by her profession working for Valve and a very good one I must say. But she is also perfectly committed to our relationship and her emotions are true. She has told me openly how she feels and there is nothing fake about that."

*I couldn’t believe this. Check it out yourself:


Pro trolling, IMO

what are you implying :colbert:

This proves once again that the internet is serious business.

If you didn’t believe it, you wouldn’t have posted this here like a gullible moron. Of course it isn’t real. Rated tool.

So… I am the troll or he is?

… I’m tempted to say neither, as trolls are usually more discrete about saying stupid shit, yes, he is the troll.

abivus torll is abbvius

I still thought it was pretty funny, considering this guy is saying stuff to make him look like an absolute douche. Or is it the other way around… maybe he is posting this for the attention and you are the fools :sweatdrop:


Okay, IF this guy’s obsession with Alyx is for real, he is a complete dumbass.

That is what I’m saying.

Just throwing this out there…

wtf, Cjmax you are seriously the most troll-able person on facepunch…


Oh and btw…Alex Vance is a real person…:stuck_out_tongue: just not Alyx Vance

You fell for the troll HARD.

I commend this guy for being classy and showing dedication. Gave me a good laugh.

Her voice actor is bonable as shit though.

All I have to say is: What the fuck is the world coming to?

Its bad to be in love with a video game charcter…

She is badass though

Lol, that was some funny comments. :stuck_out_tongue:

That bitch is cheating on me