Someone to hex the Enhanced Male_07 from Enhanced Citizens Pack.

I need a hexed male_07 with five fingers, bodygroups and maps for a perskin, and i really don’t know how to hex.
The pack in question:

Make skin.
Make vtf’s, package.
Ask Jason278 or someone to hex it with that model.


Im not trying to be an ass either, its a simple 3/4 step solution, as stated.

That’s extremely unhelpful, Aaron. You’re still telling him to get somebody else to do it.

You’ll need 2 things to hex; Notepad and XVI32. Don’t worry, you don’t need to know any crazy languages or coding to hex. It’s rather very simple, and all you need to know is how to rename things.

Download XVI32. This is the hex editor.

Next, go into the enhanced citizens folder. Run on over to this folder “enhanced_citizens\addons\Enhanced Citizens\models\bloocobalt\citizens” then make copies of all the male_07 files so you can have the original model + your hexed version, then open the copy of male_07.MDL you made with XVI32. If you want, I set .MDL files to open with XVI32 when I double click on them. Much faster than opening XVI32 and finding the .MDL file.

You’ll probably be all “holy shit what the fuck is going on aaaaaahh”. You’ll see it’s split into 2 parts. Frankly, everything in there is gibberish except the first few lines of the right side and the bottom few lines of the right side. Ignore the left since you won’t need it for hexing HL2 models.

Now you’ll want to name male_07.mdl to something new. It’s of extreme importance that you don’t press backspace or delete, and you keep the name the same number of letters as “male_07”.

Next, press Ctrl + S and assume you did it right. You’re 1/3 done. Scroll down to the bottom in XVI32 and you’ll see the materials portion of the model. This part is slightly more difficult. Find the thing(s) you want to reskin; lets say citizen_sheet.

Do the same thing as the model name. Rename it, but don’t delete anything and keep it the same length.

Ctrl + S to save it. Now you’re about 2/3 done.

Go back to the folder where male_07.mdl is. Rename every instance of it, but keeping the format the same, to what you named your model in XVI32. I named mine poopbum.mdl so that is what I am going to rename my files to. If the format ends with .phy or .vtx.dx80/90, make sure you keep that extension and only have the male_07 part change. There should be six files, so if you have any less than that you missed some.

Now for the materials. Find the file for your folder “materials\models\bloocobalt\citizens”. I assume you know how to reskin VTFs since you’re just asking to hex, so I’ll skip that part. Find the file called “citizen_sheet.vmt”. Rename it to whatever you called it in XVI32. Next, open the .vmt in Notepad. You can use the application called VTFEdit, but I prefer Notepad a lot more since it’s simpler. Rename the citizen_sheet in the VMT to what you named your material in XVI32. Save.

Now when you’re saving the VTF, saved it as homosex_sheet.vtf (or whatver name you chose) or just rename it after. Ta da you have a hexed model.

lol… homosex

Nice tut

Why isn’t that tutorial sticky’d and bolded on Skin Requests…