Someone update please update me! [KillSlick VS Perp]

I am really confused still about what I can / can’t do with the perp gamemode. I do not want to hear “It’s not worth my time”, “RP gamemode’s suck”. If you are about to post that please click the red X at the top right of your browser.

Okay so to continue, what is up with the Killslick VS Perp. Last I heard was that it was totally illegal to host a PERP server. I had a perp server up [GPC] and my host received a DMCA report and I had to get rid of it. Has anything changed yet can I go back to hosting perp what’s the deal?? Fill me in :slight_smile:


… not again.

He says he has a legal basis on the copyright of PERP, but he’s not shown proof yet. Either way, if you host it, he’ll either make you shut it down or DDos you.

Can I actually be taken to court if I do start up a server and be fined?

I doubt he will. He’ll make a lot of threats, maybe submit a DMCA report, but he’ll just DDos you.

Isn’t DDoS illegal? If you can prove that he did that (going on the assumption that it is illegal) then i’m pretty sure you could file a complaint with your internet service provider.

He’s defended himself on FP before saying that he was not the one “doing” the DDosing so he could not be held accountable.

but it’s clearly being done on his behalf.


A lot of things can be done on someone’s behalf without their confirmation. Doesn’t make it illegal.

Unless you’re saying he’s telling others to DDoS

denial of service attacks are illegal (or should very well be) no matter what
killslick’s getting into a problem just letting this happen, any reasonable person would find out what’s happening and put a stop to it

[editline]edit[/editline] lel, drone comment by a private steam account. never claimed he does it, i’m saying it’s in the middle of the table that he may very well condone it.