Someone uploaded a movie!

What the heck? Is this guy on crack/meth?

woot wierd :stuck_out_tongue:

53 kb? Ummmm…

Yeah, so where’s that guy that was reporting files yesterday? HAHA!

It’s a keylogger or something, no movie is THAT small.

what format is vob


Zip contents:

Their is no movie ending on that format (at least from what ive seen) and no movie is that small. Movies are normally around half a gigabyte. Prolly a keylogger or he uploaded a file to a friend and he didnt want people to know what it is.

or it’s s cut from a dvd vob.

.VOB is a file in DVD video format, maybe he thinks that double clicking that file opens the movie so he uploaded that file only. who knows…

Highly compressed movies can be around 100-200MB’s. (Hour and 30 minute movies)

open up a DVD on your computer in windows explorer, most of the video_ts files are smile, while others with similar names are anywhere between 200mb, to 1gb, depending on how many “titles” are placed on the disk